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How Does A Car Service Improve Your Safety?

A car service is highly important for your safety on the roads. It mainly focuses on keeping your car in top condition which is why a regular servicing schedule is the best approach. Here’s three reasons why a car service keeps you safe.... Read More

27th March 2020

The Three Main Steps in a Car’s Diagnostic Test

Do you know exactly what goes on during a car’s diagnostic test? Most people assume the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that we use holds the key to solving all your problems. In fact, that equipment is only ever secondary.... Read More

28th February 2020

Can I drive my car with a failed MOT?

Fitting a failed MOT into a busy life can often feel impossible. We need our cars for everything nowadays. If you’re worried about how you’re going to get to work or transport the kids around with a car that doesn’t have a valid MOT certificate, we’r... Read More

27th January 2020

Why do I need a Coolant Change?

A coolant change is one of those jobs that quite often flies under the radar when it comes to car maintenance. Yet, it’s not something we should ignore lightly. It’s incredibly important to maintain your coolant, especially if it’s been a while since... Read More

18th December 2019

Why you should invest in a brake fluid change - Uckfield Motor Service

We all know how important our car’s brakes are, but they need to be looked after in order to look after you. This usually involves a brake fluid change, a simple and inexpensive service that can be carried out quickly at our garage in Uckfield. It’s ... Read More

29th November 2019

Driving in the EU post-Brexit - Uckfield Motor Service

Brexit has dominated the mainstream news for the last three years – but the deadline of October 31st is looming large. So, what will change about driving abroad in EU countries following Brexit – and will anything change if we leave without a deal?... Read More

10th September 2019

3 main types of parking tickets that can be issued

Nobody likes getting a parking ticket especially when you feel as though you were perfectly within your (human) rights to park in that space! It’s thought that there were 5.65 million parking tickets issued by local councils last year. And, that figu... Read More

23rd August 2018

Saudi Arabia have ended the world’s only ban on women drivers

Saudi Arabia recently ended their ban on female drivers meaning that Saudi women can get their licences and drive in public. The law change is historical for the predominantly conservative country as women can now drive themselves anywhere. The chang... Read More

25th June 2018

Air Conditioning: How to keep your car from breaking down in the summer

On the occasional heatwave we have in the UK, it’s important to not have to worry about your car and how it handles the heat. Breakdowns occur more noticeably in the heat, so preparing for the weather and a long journey is important. What’s more, mor... Read More

10th May 2018

Here’s everything you need to know about the MOT test changes

Annual MOT tests are one of those things that are on our yearly to do list. It is usually fairly straightforward – you either wait for an hour in a garage waiting for it to be complete, or you can get your vehicle picked up and dropped off by your lo... Read More

27th March 2018

This is how the taxi industry is changing

If you compare the current taxi industry to how it was 10 years ago you’ll notice how different things are. With the rise of smartphones, Uber and contactless card payments it’s not hard to see why local cab companies are struggling to stay afloat. T... Read More

27th February 2018

Switching over to electric vehicles won't be as easy as you think

We live in a time where we’re aware of the damage that is happening to the environment. We’re in limbo, trying to figure out how we can adapt our lifestyles and save our planet. Part of this includes the talk of switching over to electric vehicles bu... Read More

27th February 2018

9 changes that have been made to the new practical driving test

On 4th December, 2017, the practical driving test in the UK will change. These changes are being introduced to modernise the test and prepare drivers for a lifetime of safe driving, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The pra... Read More

27th February 2018

3 things that are contributing to falling car sales in the UK

The motor industry is one of the backbones of the British economy and it generates £72 billion a year. Car sales were excellent last year, and 2.7 million cars were registered. However, over the last few months, the industry seems to be hitting a per... Read More

27th February 2018