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9 changes that have been made to the new practical driving test

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Why they’re creating a new practical driving test

On 4th December, 2017, the practical driving test in the UK will change. These changes are being introduced to modernise the test and prepare drivers for a lifetime of safe driving, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The practical driving test is already fairly hard and many people don’t pass on their first attempt. Will these changes make it harder for learners to get on the road or are they necessary changes? Take a look at the list of changes below to decide for yourself.

The new driving test changes

  1. You’ll only be asked one safety question before you set off on your exam.
  2. You’ll then be asked a second safety question while driving, for example, showing if you know how the windscreen wipers work.
  3. The independent driving time is being doubled from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
  4. There is still one compulsory reversing manoeuvre but the type of manoeuvres you might have to do are changing.
  5. You will no longer have to turn in the road or reverse around a corner.
  6. Instead, you’ll have to do one of three more common manoeuvres including parking in a bay and reversing out or reversing into a bay and driving out. Or, you could be asked to pull over to the right-hand side of the road, reverse back by two car spaces and then rejoin the traffic. There is a chance you will still have to parallel park too.
  7. You’ll also have to follow directions from a sat nav or road signs.
  8. However, one in five tests will not feature the sat nav.
  9. If you go the wrong way while following directions on the test it won’t matter as long as you’re driving safely.

Some things will remain the same

Some parts of the driving will remain the same. For example, the exam will still last for 40 minutes. You will still be able to take your instructor on the test with you. The eyesight test is still part of the test too and you will be asked a safety question before you begin. Independent driving on various road conditions will still be required. Other things that will remain the same include doing one reversing manoeuvre, doing a controlled stop and a potential emergency stop. The most relieving part of this all is that the way you’re assessed is staying the same. As soon as you finish, the examiner will let you know whether you passed and will give you feedback. The pass mark is also the same. You’ll only fail if you get 16 or more driving faults or have a serious or dangerous fault from the test.

What do you think about the new driving test changes? Do you think they’re fair? Let us know in the comments down below. For more information, contact us at Uckfield Motor Services or book online today!

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