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Air Conditioning: How to keep your car from breaking down in the summer

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On the occasional heatwave we have in the UK, it’s important to not have to worry about your car and how it handles the heat. Breakdowns occur more noticeably in the heat, so preparing for the weather and a long journey is important. What’s more, more people like to travel in the summer which causes more traffic jams. Being stationary in the hot sun in a car with no air conditioning is no fun! There are some simple things you can do to help keep you safe and cool in your car when the summer arrives.

Get a car service

During your car service your engine oil, coolant, tyres, water and screen wash are all checked. This can help to ensure your vehicle has all the fluids it needs to get you through the hot weather. If tyres don’t have enough tread or are at the wrong pressure, it can cause blowouts too. Getting your car service once a year is recommended anyway, but if you’re overdue, it’s always a good time before the weather makes a drastic change. If you’re a big traveller or commute regularly, getting a 6-month service isn’t always a bad shout. The more miles you do, the more wear your car can face. So, ensuring that everything is up to scratch more regularly can help you stay safe and prevent a breakdown.

Mix up having the air conditioning on and your windows down

When driving at slower speeds, drivers are often advised to turn off the air conditioning and have the windows down instead. This is because your engine has to work a little harder to pump out the cool air. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s best to have it on when you’re driving at faster speeds. Having the windows down could also cause your engine to work harder. As the speed increases so does the pressure of the air. Choosing to have your car air conditioning on at the right time can help you save on fuel. What’s more, getting a regular re-gas or recharge can help prevent your air conditioning system being overworked. Without a regular recharge and a service, it can cause the system to break down.

Pack lightly

If you’re off on your travels, your car can get a little overloaded with luggage and other bits and bobs. In order to avoid breakdowns, limit the amount you pack. The heavier your car, the harder it needs to work to reach. Not only can this help prevent a breakdown, but it can also save you money on fuel.

Whatever you’re up to this summer, follow these simple tips and you’ll stay safe and avoid breakdowns. We offer regular car servicing and air conditioning servicing and re-gas. Just book online with just your car registration.

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