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How Does A Car Service Improve Your Safety?

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A car service is highly important for your safety on the roads. It mainly focuses on keeping your car in top condition which is why a regular servicing schedule is the best approach. Here’s three reasons why a car service keeps you safe.

A car service improves reliability

You need your car to run smoothly and as long as possible to keep life moving normally. Regular servicing goes a long way towards achieving this. All our services pick up on natural wear and tear and stop any problems from causing a breakdown in the near future.

As well as this, they focus on the most crucial parts of your car. These include the brakes and the steering which are the main ways the driver keeps control of the vehicle. If these have a serious fault, you could be in a lot of danger on the roads.

It also acts as an early warning system

Not only does a car service find problems which are affecting you right now, it also finds those which are likely to affect you in the future as well. These include those faults which cause MOT failure if you ignore them and allow them to deteriorate.

It’s always easier to prevent a breakdown rather than cure it, so act on a mechanic’s advice. Don’t just forget about any advisories - book an interim service in 6 months’ time, or a general repair appointment next month.

Finally, a car service helps you keep track of required intervals for other maintenance

We always check your manufacturer’s recommendations for essential services as well during a car service. These include a brake fluid change and cambelt replacement amongst others. If your car needs more oil or coolant, we will top it up as part of any service, but other fluid top ups are an additional cost.

If your car is to run normally, you need these parts working in top condition at all times. So, to maintain safety and keep your car on the road for longer, you should always top up these fluids as per your manufacturers recommendations.

It’s not difficult to see just how important a car service is to keep you safe on the roads. Here at Uckfield Motor Services, we offer interim, full and major services which do just that. Most importantly, you always pay an affordable price! So, if you can’t remember the last time you serviced your car, why not book a full or major service online today?

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