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3 main types of parking tickets that can be issued

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5.65 million parking tickets issued!

Nobody likes getting a parking ticket especially when you feel as though you were perfectly within your (human) rights to park in that space! It’s thought that there were 5.65 million parking tickets issued by local councils last year. And, that figure doesn’t include private parking tickets or fixed penalty tickets. There are three main types of parking tickets that can be issued and we’ve outlined each one for you.

Penalty Charge Notice

These tickets are issued by local councils or Transport for London when your vehicle has been found in a public place. Unless you have the grounds to appeal we highly recommend that you agree to pay this notice. These are issued when you’ve broken the law and they’re only a penalty or fine and never a ‘charge’.

Fun fact: If you agree to pay this and do so within a fortnight you’ll only have to pay half!

Parking Charge Notice

A parking charge notice can be issued by private companies when they find your vehicle in private land. These tickets are slightly different as they cannot be imposed due to them not being a ‘fine’. They are mostly issued at places like hospitals and supermarket car parks when vehicles have stayed parked there for too long. The car park’s operator that issued the ticket can ensure the owner of the vehicle pays a fee higher than their advertised parking rate. They can also charge for any losses that have come as a result of vehicles staying there too long.

Fixed Penalty Notice

This ticket is issued by the police for minor motoring and parking incidents such as speeding. Once these are issued they’re called a ‘conditional offer’ - if the driver accepts responsibility and pays the fine and takes the points on their licence the case will be closed. Although, all drivers have the right to reject the offer and will then be given a court hearing. By doing this, the drivers accepts that if they’re found guilty there’s a chance they could receive a higher conviction.

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