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We all know how important our car’s brakes are, but they need to be looked after in order to look after you. This usually involves a brake fluid change, a simple and inexpensive service that can be carried out quickly at our garage in Uckfield. It’s a service that we believe is much more important than most people think. Hopefully, you’ll agree with us after reading this article.

A brake fluid change is an inexpensive way to maintain safety

Your brake fluid plays a vital role in maintaining correct function of your brakes. It transfers the force you generate by pressing the brake pedal directly onto the wheel hub but, in doing so, it can absorb water. It can leak into the fluid either from moisture in the air or through a leaky pipe within your car’s braking system. Water and brake fluid don’t mix as too much water can corrode the brake fluid and decrease its boiling point. It can also become contaminated by flakes of deteriorating brake components. Both of these things negatively affect braking performance and increase your risk of an accident because brake fluid needs to remain pure and retain a high boiling point to avoid being affected by friction generated under braking. Investing in a brake fluid change will strengthen the performance of your brakes once again, increasing your safety in turn.

It can help save money on costly brake repairs

Here at Uckfield Motor Services, we offer a brake fluid change at the fraction of the price a brake repair would cost. Allowing your brakes to degrade could result in a need to change your callipers, discs and other expensive brake components in order to maintain your safety. By regularly maintaining your brake fluid levels and integrity, you can avoid any expensive problems outside of the normal wear and tear from developing.

Here’s when you should invest in a brake fluid change

There’s no exact science to predicting when you’ll need a brake fluid change, although every 30,000 miles or 2 years is a good rule of thumb. Always check your manufacturer’s handbook for their recommendation and you can always check the quality of your brake fluid yourself. It should be a light brown colour in your brake fluid reservoir, so if you check and it looks dark brown, it’s likely to have been contaminated and needs changing.

Clearly, a brake fluid change is a simple part of vehicle maintenance that should never be ignored. If yours hasn’t been changed recently, or you suspect there is a problem with your brakes, why not book an appointment with Uckfield Motor Services online today? We’ll make your car safe to drive once again.

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