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Wheel Alignment in Uckfield

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Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing from Uckfield’s independent garage

Wheel alignment (also known as tracking) is a service that resets your car’s wheels to their optimal position, as according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

This is often vital for cars that have suffered kerbing or hit a dip, bump or pothole in the road. That said, tracking can also be affected by excessive wear on the steering and/or suspension components.

Should your tracking be out, you may find that your car becomes unpredictable i.e. your steering may veer to the left or right, your tyres may show signs of uneven wear and tear or your fuel consumption is affected.

Addressing alignment issues as soon as they emerge is critical to your safety and ensures that your car is returned to its normal, predictable performance and handling once more.

How often should you check your wheel alignment?

It’s advised that you book a wheel alignment check every year or every 12,000 miles that you travel (whichever comes sooner). It’s also worth noting that whilst there are various signs to look out for when it comes to your car’s tracking, incorrect alignment can also go unnoticed. If you’d like your alignment tested for free when you visit us, simply ask one of our experts.

What does a wheel alignment test involve?

During the wheel alignment test, your car will be placed on a ramp. Using advanced computing equipment our team will then test your wheels as they are freely spinning. From the collected data, they’ll then be able to determine the alignment of your wheels. Should this be the case, we’ll let you know and undertake any work required to address the issue. The team will finally retest your wheels to confirm that your car now benefits from alignment, as according to manufacturer standards.

You’ll only be charged if we find that your alignment is out and we’ll never move ahead with corrective measures before you tell us to do so.

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